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As a registered user you can submit recipes, instructions and experience reports for publication and thus share your knowledge with a large community of smoking friends. You will get access to the submission form automatically after your free registration as a user. If you are already registered and logged in, you can start right here.

These are the advantages for you:

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Convenient conversion

Special recipe functions

All your recipes will be put into shape by us and equipped with a conversion and printing function. This way you can easily calculate the correct dosages and take the printout with you into the kitchen.

Everything under one roof

Your own recipe collection

With one click you get an overview of all your published contributions. So you can easily share your recipes with your friends.

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Advanced author info

Your user profile

If you like, you can add a photo and a small text about yourself to your user profile. This info will then be displayed under all your recipes.

Let's go:

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